6.   Transcripts of Nancy Packes slanderous testimony.  Here's her first lie.

7.   A document by the Judge denying me my right to subpoenaed witnesses and documents.

8.   An Official Transcript proving 4 tapes - ALL THE WITNESS TESTIMONY incriminating the employer and Dept. of   
Labor was originally MISSING.  Documents proving the Appeal Board tried to pass off 13 pages as a complete  
transcript, when they knew 136+ pages were missing.
9.     Proof that Judge Beverly Diego made her irresponsible decision when all the witness testimony was missing.  Her decision doesn't
even coincide with the testimony.  But I guess it didn't have to since they didn't expect the testimony to reappear.

10.   Proof by the letter dated Aug. 1, 2002 from Robert Davison, that the DOL, with the full  knowledge of Commissioner Linda Angello,
just stopped my benefits on the say so of Nancy Packes, without a hearing and without continued benefits until a hearing could take
place as required on pg. 10 of their own rule book.
11.  Proof that I did not lie to obtain benefits.  The Dept. of Labor stopped my benefits in mid May of 2002.  They didn't even send me       
the questionnaire to fill out until afterward on May 23, 2002.   On  the 1st pg of the questionnaire #3, I state I returned my keys on
May 10th.  On pg. 3 of the questionnaire #16 (in part) I clearly state I was Constructively Terminated on 5/10/2001, I mailed the         
enclosed note and returned my key.  There was no other choice.  Nancy Packes made it clear she  put my career in some sick        
demented employees hands when she told me if I say one more word  about this I will be terminated.  The Court has this                          

12.  Transcripts of the DOL employee information taker Katerin Rincon clearly having trouble comprehending the questions. Judge
Diego yells at her often throughout the trial and at one point almost says she doesn't understand before she catches herself
saying she only heard one word, which was my contention  all along.  Ms. Rincon put fired with no issue because she hears the
word terminated and doesn't know what "Constructively  Terminated means.    Ms. Rincon doesn't remember the conversation
leading up to the  reason for leaving the job, admits she doesn't know how to spell " investigated" and "commission",  admits
she doesn't know what Constructively Terminated means,  and admits that her boss  is  confusing her.           

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* Let me make it clear, that in no way am I putting someone down for not fully comprehending the language.  As a
matter of fact, I think it's commendable that this person can speak more than one language.  That's more than I can
do.  However, if this person doesn't know DOL terms, if she has trouble understanding, than she should not be
taking important information over the phone.  She should have a job she is qualified for.  That goes for everyone in
every job. *  

The evidence in this case is overwhelming!  What is shown here, is just a small, but significant portion of the
enormity of blatant acts of criminal activity that is being covered up in our State and Government.  It is a complete
outrage and a disgrace to every American that all the Officials covered up the blatant crimes of their colleagues and
no one will prosecute them including the highest Court in this Nation.  By refusing to view the evidence and hold a
trial, they knowingly convicted an innocent person.  
They knowingly, published into case law, incorrect
information based on the blatant illegalities of Nancy Packes, Former Commissioner of Labor Linda
Angello,  irresponsible and unethical Judges Beverly Diego, (Judge Lorenzo who watched it happened
and did nothing, making him an accomplice.)  Dean M. Cooke, Richard M. Rosenbaum, and others, to
prosecute other innocent people who stand up for the rights America promises them.  

Former Gov. George Pataki
knew all about this and allowed it, making him an accomplice. Pataki was a Public
Official who mistakenly thought he didn't have to answer to the public. He refused to answer correspondence and
allowed his corrupt administration to escape without prosecution.  
Spitzer and  U. S. Attorney General Alberto
Gonzalez are just as mistaken.   As Attorney General, Spitzer
closed his eyes to it.  As Gov., Spitzer believes
he doesn't have to answer to the public.   He believes a case can be closed without viewing  any evidence, and no
response is required to be given.  In other words...he ignores you.  He's following in Pataki's footsteps.   Although a
public office, Spitzer and staff refuse to return phone calls, and names beside the secretaries are secret.   The
person that answers the phone who acts as his scapegoat said to write another letter requesting a response.  This is
what we pay Spitzer and his staff for to jerk the public around.   Everybody wants a letter but nobody does anything
about the problem.  
Can you imagine the mentality of a public official that says if you want a response to
the letter you sent, you have to send another letter requesting one.

We all wanted to believe that Cuomo would be a much needed and honest change who really wanted to clean up the
corruption in NY
.  Cuomo refuses to view the evidence.  Could the reason be because the same lawyer, Steven
Koton, who worked in Spitzer's AG office and defended the illegalities of the DOL and Spitzer, still works in the
(Cuomo) office?  Isn't that just like our Gov. to leave an employee from the previous administration to deflect
any justice a new administration might seek?  Talk about Conflict of Interest!  Spitzer's office didn't even answer
paperwork submitted  in
NY Judge Judith Kaye's Supreme Court, but that didn't stop her from ignoring the
evidence of innocence before her.   When a motion for DEFAULT was filed in the matter, it was  IGNORED.  But then
again....Spitzer describes Judge Kaye as "An Esteemed Great Friend."    An employee of Cuomo's says he doesn't
actually see the letters sent to his office.      If that is indeed true....a scarier thought is.....WHO is making the
decisions of the man elected to office????

Officials are out of control and they are running this Country into the ground at our expense.   It  will only start to turn
around for the better, when everyone takes just a few minutes out of their busy lives to get involved.       In their new
roles, Spitzer and Cuomo vowed a clean up.  Reality is, they ment a general public clean-up....not their buddies.  

They were both sent letters requesting an appointment to show them overwhelming evidence of blatant illegalities of
Nancy Packes (illegalities that OTHER people went to jail for) and Official cover-ups and corruption.  I was supposed
to set up an appointment with an investigator from Cuomo's office named Kevin McCann to view my evidence.  
Before the appointment could take place,  a different investigator by the name of Jerry Nickels called and wanted to
ask me some questions.  When he didn't like the answer to a question, he cut me short, asked the question a
different way to get the answer he wanted, and picked apart everything I said.  He was looking for anything their
office didn't handle so he didn't have to look into the case.   I could see where this conversation was headed as he
told me he'd have to discuss it with the original investigator and call me on Monday, April 30th.   I spoke with him on
April 27th and on April 28th, I received a letter from Ellen Nachtigall Biben Special Deputy Attorney General stating
"Upon review, your complaint does not appear to fall within the Public Integrity Unit's jurisdiction."  What review???  
Her letter was written 2 DAYS BEFORE I spoke with Jerry Nickels and mailed 1 day BEFORE I spoke with him.  My
complaint requested an appointment to show them all my evidence so what did they view?    This proves they never
had any intention of looking into these blatant crimes.  Cuomo's Secretary, identified as Holly Levey, who's sudden
silence and refusal to return my calls just confirms my assessment of the matter.   My letter also stated if it wasn't
their job, to forward it to the proper prosecutors.   Because they all know of the illegalities yet refuse to do anything
about them, they are accomplices to the cover-ups.   
Real Estate and Attorney Licenses  are supposed to be reserved for professionals with ethics and integrity to protect
the public.  They couldn't be too picky who they let in as
Mark Ochs, Chief Attorney for the Committee on
Professional Standards and Thomas J. Cahill, Chief Counsel for the Departmental Disciplinary Committee
at first refused to investigate.
 Maybe it should be more realistically  re-named , THE UNETHICAL COMMITTEE.  
They had concrete proof before them of Nancy Packes committing perjury, which is punishable by a jail term,  lying in
writing signed by Nancy Packes to hinder a State Investigation and using her position as a Real Estate Broker,
Attorney, member of boards, a person on the ETHICS COMMITTEE, (guess you don't need to have ethics or integrity
if your on the committee) libel and slander, and had Officials cover-up her crimes.  They had the names of other
Attorney's, Judges, etc. who knew of her illegalities, yet covered up for her which is a Violation of their own Code of
Ethics.   They had a transcript stating 4 hearing tapes...ALL THE WITNESS TESTIMONY WAS MISSING.  They had
proof Judge Diego made her irresponsible and illegal decision when all the testimony was missing and they don't find
anything wrong.   Cahill states that an independent review took place and the second reviewing member agrees with
the original one not to proceed. Mr. Cahill's office REFUSES to identify the member who followed in the other
Obstructer of Justice footsteps and knowingly, intentionally, and willfully protected the criminals and violated their own
code of ethics.  
Mark Ochs, Chief Attorney, and Thomas J. Cahill, Chief Counsel had full access to the
evidence and condone the illegal actions of Nancy Packes and all the Officials who used their position in
Office to cover-up and/or commit crimes for her.  Mr. Ochs and Mr. Cahill are therefore Accomplices
Obstruction of Justice, Guilty of Failing to Protect the Public, Clearly in Violation of their own Rules of Professional
Conduct, etc.  They also used their position in Office to ignore the blatant crimes before them. This is not only an
outrage, but according to their own professional code of conduct, good cause for THEIR LICENSES TO BE REVOKED
along with Nancy Packes.  

The bottom line is...Do you want to pay for people who used their position in a public office to commit crimes?   
Everyone of you is effected by this. Other people were put in jail for the same crimes.  These people need to be
prosecuted and be subject to the same laws and consequences as the rest of us.  
They are not above the law.  
They need to be held accountable.   Officials will start thinking twice about what's in The People's best
interest when their salaries and pensions are taken away.
This is a clear cut case of Violation of our Constitution by the Officials named, right up to members of the Supreme
Court.  The Supreme Court says it is not a right to have your case heard in the Supreme Court, it is a privilege.  Can
you believe their ARROGANCE?  They need to be enlightened that they have it backward...that it is a right for every
American to go to Court and defend themselves against frivolous charges and  that it is a PRIVILEGE for them to be
sitting on that bench...NOT their right.  The last time I looked, this was America...A nation in which one was presumed
innocent until proven guilty - NOT one in which a person is guilty BEFORE the trial, and certainly NOT one in which all
the evidence proving their innocence and the employers and Officials guilt is ignored.   
CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS NEEDS TO KNOW he cannot remain on the bench of the highest Court in the Nation when he is
promoting corruption and not protecting the Constitution he took an oath to uphold.  NOT  TWICE  JOHN  ROBERTS!!!!

Don't bother contacting the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) or the National Intelligence Agency if you have information of National
Importance.   After speaking with someone  who called themselves "Special Agent" Sam Houser, about the Official Corruption and the
TERRORIST INFORMATION that disappeared after being hand delivered to the FBI,  I'm convinced those agency titles are just a play on


                                             TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE


I was accused of :  Voluntary leaving of employment without good cause
                             Wilful false statement to obtain benefits
                             Overpayment of benefits


Turn sound on to hear actual testimony.

1.  Transcripts of the Assistant Manager and Secretary witnessing me being
repeatedly harassed, the Secretary describing it as "Hostile."   
 click icons

2. Transcripts of the Assistant Manager describing company procedure in
reference to the erroneous public outburst allegation perjurer Nancy
Packes told, in retaliation for me refusing  to  keep quiet while being
harassed.  I went into his office, closed the door and proceeded.  No
one could see us and no one complained about hearing us.

Perjurer Nancy Packes          
 Assist. Manager Contradicting Ms. Packes lies

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3.  Transcripts of Assistant Manager and Secretary contradicting Nancy
Packes sworn testimony and proving 18 counts of PERJURY against
employer, Nancy Packes.

4.  Nancy Packes' answer to my complaint proving she libelled my name and
LIED to HINDER A STATE INVESTIGATION while using her position as an
Attorney and Real Estate Broker to get illegal favors from other officials.

5.   Letter from Dept. of State Chief Investigator, Bernard Friend
confirming Nancy Packes LIED and violated Rule 442 of the Real Property
Law by hiring unlicensed men.   
Since 2002, I have been receiving bills from the DOL saying I owe them because I lied to receive benefits.  I didn't lie
and all the evidence proves that.   I sent new
Commissioner of Labor Smith, a few documents proving my
innocence, with a request for an appointment to show her more that would completely vindicate me.  Amongst the
evidence sent was the  DOL's own paperwork clearly proving I did not lie.  Also was the first page of the DOL hearing
transcript stating
4 tapes - ALL THE WITNESS TESTIMONY, WAS INAUDIBLE.  Did you ever hear of a fair hearing
in America when a Judge makes a ruling that convicts an innocent person when all the testimony is missing?  Then
when all the incriminating testimony re-appears only because I had a copy of it and it clearly proves the guilt of the
employer and DOL, all the Judges IGNORE the overwhelming evidence.   
Darleen who works for the Commissioner
said she read it, the Commissioner read it, and that
Rick Morino was investigating it.  Rick Morino said he's not
investigating it, and he and
Mr. Diggins both say they have a Court order that they are enforcing.   They all have
access to and knowledge of the paperwork proving my innocence.  They are knowingly and willingly pursuing a
blatant ILLEGAL decision and are therefore accessories to these crimes.

For AG Andrew Cuomo's silence, he was being considered for the Senate, but could the Good O'l Boys in Albany afford to have a
person who wasn't up on their policies replace him with such short notice?   No, it's better to keep Andrew where he is until they
have time to groom an adequate replacement when he runs against Paterson for Governor.   They both have staff who have been
involved in the cover-ups from the Spitzer days, but as they protect each other, it is Paterson who is being made a fool of.

                   Update: Paterson was  investigated for Perjury for getting baseball game tickets as a gift so he dropped out
                                                   of the  Gov. Race.  Cuomo won with dirty politics against Paladino.

For M. Patricia Smith'
s (Commissioner of Labor) silence, she went from an attorney in the Attorney General's office who by the way,
was involved in this case, to covering her tracks after she was promoted to Commissioner of Labor.  Talk about the fox minding the
chicken coop!  Since Feb. 2010, for her silence about the evidence tampering, employer perjury, and cover-ups by  the courts, DOL,
and other officials and the pursuance of an illegal, unconstitutional, reprehensible, decision by Judge Beverly Diego along with her
crooked cronies in the Appeal  Bd, M. Patricia Smith was promoted to the Federal position of Solicitor of the Labor Dept.  It sure
seems to pay to cover-up crimes in NY and the U.S., but in reality M. Patricia Smith is a Conspirator who needs to be held accountable
for her crimes just like the ones she is covering up for.

For John Roberts silence when he was in the Justice Dept., he's now Chief Justice of the Supreme Ct. of the U.S.

Thomas Cahill of the Ethics Committee is being sued by numerous people, including a former employee because of his unethical
behavior, but continues to escape prosecution.

So there you have it!  The people who commit and cover up the crimes just keep getting promoted and being paid by the taxpayer.

Think about how much money in salaries, benefits, pensions, expenses and perks we have to pay in taxes to fund the crooks in
Official Positions.  Now, think about how all those millions of dollars could help all the law abiding Citizens with health care,
senior/child care, and employment.     STOP putting up with and START BENEFITING from their illegalities.       


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Nancy Packes Perjury
Realtor/Esq. Nancy Packes is an unethical perjurer who is using the U. S.
Dept. of Treasury for Fraudulent purposes with Obama's knowledge.