This started out as a Labor dispute between myself and my former employer Nancy Packes of Feathered
Nest, Inc. whose connections include Halstead Property LLC, Brown Harris Stevens, Terra Holdings, LLC,
and Christie's Great Estates.  Nancy Packes discriminated against me when she required me to get my
Real Estate License BEFORE hiring me, yet she hired unlicensed men who actively leased apartments.  
This also violated 442e of the Real Property Law.
I worked for Nancy Packes just short of 1 year, when I began being openly harassed in front of
management by a male NON-Citizen.   He was retaliating for being transferred out of the office we shared
into a vacant one all the way on the other side. The company procedure was to report the incident when it
occurred.   Every time there was a problem, I reported it to the Manager or Assistant Manager.  Nancy
Packes didn't want to deal with the problem because some of it was so bizzare in nature, so after a few
times of her, her son the Manager, and the Assistant Manager yelling at and demeaning me, she told me if
she heard one more word about it, I would be terminated, that she was putting a negative letter in my file for
future employers, and that it wasn't open for discussion......which is completely illegal.  When I told the
Assistant Manager who overheard the whole conversation on a conference call, that what she said was
illegal and I was going to complain to the proper authorities, I was presented with a memo from her
erroneously stating I had a tirade in the office, that I was disruptive in a loud public manner,  and
if it happened again,  I would be terminated.  At the hearing and every Court up the legal ladder, eventhough her own current Assistant
Managers testimony contradicted the employers, proving I did NOT have an outburst in front of clients but reported the incident as
required by the employer,  the lie grew to I had an outburst in front of clients.  Nancy Packes was trying to cover herself by serving me this
memo, while she put my career in some sick demented persons hands.  She knew and my harasser knew, I would not remain silent
while being harassed nor does the Labor Law require it.    All he had to do was decide when he wanted me gone, and act out again
because there was no consequence for him.  Paperwork was also changed in a leasing contest to defraud me of the prize money.    
It's important to note that a total of 5 women were fired from that site.   When I
requested complaints other than my own against Nancy Packes/Feathered
Nest under the Freedom of Information Act,  I received a
 letter stating the
report consisted of 119 pgs.
After exhausting all the proper channels and more, to get this resolved, because the harassment was escalating,  I had no other
choice but to mail back my key with a note and leave the job I loved and the wonderful people I helped house in the beautiful new
building called River Place.  When I sought employment elsewhere, I was ignored.  I was out of work 1 year and seven months.  Nancy
Packes/Feathered Nest/Brown Harris Stevens controls a large majority of the Real Estate Industry in NYC and LI.   That's not the only
thing Nancy Packes controls.  It's amazing the amount of Officials who cater to her.  
I submitted 33 pg. color coded briefs to The EEOC, The Human Rights Commission, and The Dept. of State.  
The EEOC at first claimed they didn't receive it.  When I sent them a copy of a receipt signed by them, all of a sudden, my brief magically
appeared.  There's a lot of magic throughout this case.  A lot of things disappeared when it came to incriminating evidence against
Nancy Packes!   Esther Gutierrez from the EEOC later called and wanted to know  "What was the basis for my complaint."  Meanwhile,
Discrimination, (Sexual) Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, and Retaliation with brief synopsis'  were listed on the front page.    
How do you deal with a mentality like this?  When I asked to speak to the person in charge, she became very defensive.  Her boss  was
no better.  They sent me an official form AFTER the time limit to file expired.   To this day, they refuse to give me the answer of Nancy
Packes to my complaint.   Is it because Nancy Packes also lied in writing to hinder the EEOC's investigation like she did with the Dept.
of State?
The Human Rights Commission took the complaint over for the EEOC.  They were the ones who told me I was "Constructively
Terminated."  Which means forced out of my employment.  They were the ones who told me to contact the Unemployment Office for
benefits since I was forced out of my job because my employer created a Hostile Work Environment.  They were actively pursuing the
case until they got a letter from Nancy Packes' Attorney.  Then everything changed.  Commissioner Gatelin, Jennifer K. Siegel
McNamara, Esq., Judith Garcia Quinonez, Esq. and Alemayehu Ayele  never even investigated another female employee who was fired
from the same job, who claimed to have a lot of information on Nancy Packes' illegalities, and then had a sudden untimely death.
The Dept. of  State Senior License Investigator, Cynthia Shapiro-Kane at first told me they were not going to investigate.  When I told her
covering up for Nancy Packes' illegalities was conspiracy and that I wanted Nancy Packes' answer to my complaint, all of a sudden her
attitude changed and said she couldn't give it to me because it was an ongoing investigation.  It took over 1 year to get the answer to my
complaint and for Chief Investigator Bernard Friend to push a computer button to find out that Nancy Packes did in fact, hire unlicensed
men.    He even named a 4th man that I didn't know about.  The men took the test in the same building that houses the Dept. of State.  
How blatant an act of conspiracy to prevent that information being presented in a lawsuit.  Even Under The Freedom of Information Act,
they refused to release it.  This was all done with the full knowledge of  Secretary of State Randy Daniels, Bruce Stuart Associate
Council, James P. King Esq., Mr. Delaney, Mr. Barker, Joe Amello, Aquil Qureshi, Mark Masterbuno ,former Governor George Pataki,
Present Governor Eliot Spitzer, Peter Drago who works /and /or used to work for Eliot Spitzer, Theresa Wescott and others.  When I
finally received Nancy Packes answer to my complaint, it proved she was a liar who hindered a State Investigation and libeled my good
name.  The  date on a license had one of the men taking the exam on a Saturday when they are only given every Tuesday.   They can do
anything they want....they are the law.
I called the Unemployment Office at the advice of the Human Rights Commission which was 10 months after being unemployed.  
Katerin Rincon took the information over the phone.  She had trouble comprehending English and I had to keep repeating myself.  
When it got to the part of why I'm no longer employed, I told her I was "Constructively Terminated," a term she should know working in
the Dept. of Labor.  She didn't know what it was so I explained what the Human Rights Commission explained to me.  I told her the
whole story of what happened at the job and she told me I had to file to find out if I was eligible and that I would get a determination in
the mail.  I gave her the information she asked for and shortly after I began receiving unemployment benefits.
All of a sudden, my benefits were stopped and no one would tell me why.  In a letter from Robert Davision Director of UI Benefit
Operations dated Aug. 1, 2002, he said Linda Angello, the Commissioner of Labor asked him to respond to me which means she had
full knowledge of what went on.  He actually states in the letter that I received benefits until the TCC received information from the
employer stating I quit my job.  Labor Law states if the employer disagrees with a determination, they may request a hearing in writing
but benefits will be paid in the meantime.  Nancy Packes never requested a hearing.  They just stopped my benefits on her say so.  I
had to request the hearing and deal with the rude DOL employees who hung up on me several times, told me the hearing is delayed
because people are on vacation, told me the person that was supposed to call me back that day had a life and won't be back for a
At the hearing, I was represented by an unprepared law student because I was denied an appointed attorney.  I was also denied
subpoenas for document s and witnesses for my defense.  Even so, after two dragged out hearings(one of which Nancy Packes didn't
even show up) where myself,  the DOL information taker, the employer and her current employees testified, the testimony was so
incriminating to the employer and DOL and proved my case beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was only one thing that could be done.  
ALL THE WITNESS TESTIMONY DISAPPEARED!   4 hearing tapes of Nancy Packes committing 18 counts of perjury, proving Katerin
Rincon has trouble comprehending English.  She admits she can't spell investigated and commission.  She admits she doesn't know
what "Constructively Terminated" means.  She admits she is confused. Judge Beverly Diego yells at her several times to listen to the
question and at one point even almost says herself, that she doesn't understand.  Judge Beverly Diego admitted twice she didn't know
what "Constructively Terminated" means.  Nancy Packes' own current employees admitted they witnessed The NON-Citizen repeatedly
harassing me.  The Assistant Manager testified there was no outburst in the office, just reporting as in company procedure.  The
Secretary described the situation as "HOSTILE."  Mr. Rexford, Ms. Daniels and The Appeal Board tried to pass off 13 pages as a
complete transcript when they knew over 136 + pages were missing.   I was told by an employee of the DOL that the transcribers were
contracted by the Dept. of State.
How do I know what was said and how many pages were missing?  When I heard such incriminating testimony against the
employer by her own current employees, and the DOL, my gut told me that was the only thing that could save them.  So I ran right
down and wanted the transcripts.  They said they couldn't give them to me but they could give me copies of the tapes.  They mailed
them to me and one was missing.  I called up and they sent it to was of Nancy Packes committing more Perjury.  When I
transcribed the tapes for my defense, all of a sudden the DOL's were magically in working order and  official transcripts that were still
missing testimony appeared.     
Hear Nancy Packes in her own words commit perjury on the Evidence page.
Judge Beverly Diego made her irresponsible and corrupt decision when all the testimony was missing.  She perpetuated the lie that
Perjurer Nancy Packes told, and it continued through every  Court up the ladder.  
Deane M. Cooke and Richard M. Rosenbaum
members of the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board even noted in their decision that "a portion of the hearing of July 11, 2002,
consisting of the direct testimony and part of the cross examination of the employer's President Nancy Packs was not able to be
transcribed due to a defective cassette."  Labor law states a verbatim record of the hearing must be made.   My tapes worked fine.  I
even offered to play them for them.  
Judges Spain, Mugglin, Rose, and Kane from the Appellate Division also covered for Judge Diego
and Nancy Packes.   So did a lot of others.
This case went threw all the NY Courts including Judge Judith Kaye's where she closed her eyes to all the evidence before her.  My
opponents were so sure they had nothing to worry about,  they didn't even bother to submit a brief in response to my 2nd motion.  A
3rd motion for default for them not responding was ignored.  I took this case all the way to The Supreme Court of the U. S. in  
Washington, DC by myself because no attorney or organization would touch it.  After years of pursuit, thousands of dollars, and more
than 10,000 copies later,
Chief Justice John Roberts and his buddies refused to hear the case.  By their silence, they knowingly,
intentionally, and maliciously convicted an innocent person.  Was it payback for requesting John Roberts to recuse himself because
he closed his eyes to blatant Official Corruption while in the Justice Dept?  They all know what happened in this case is completely
illegal and unconstitutional, yet they protect their corrupt buddies at the expense of American Democracy.
Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau, Leroy Frazer Jr. ADA,  Former U. S. Attorney David Kelley, Inspector General Jill K. Levine, Bob
Warner, and 1st Deputy Thomas Brennan, Attorney General of the U. S. Alberto Gonzalez and the Dept. of Justice, Former Gov. Pataki,
Former Attorney General/Governor Eliot Spitzer , Former Secretary of State Randy Daniels,  The FBI,  CIA and others also had full
knowledge of this and refused to investigate.  John Kearney investigated his own boss and found nothing wrong * SURPRISE!

UPDATE:  Attorney General of the U. S. Alberto Gonzalez and NYAG/Gov. Eliot Spitzer both resigned in disgrace.

NY Secretary of State Randy Daniels snuck out of office protected by his crooked cronies.

Former U.S. Attorney David Kelley was promoted to the Justice Dept. for his silence.

Former Inspector General Jill K. Levine was promoted to the Supreme Court for her silence & The Court of Claims.

NY Gov. Pataki brazenly covered up crimes, wasted taxpayer money and retired with a nice pension.

So did President Bush, Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, and Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye.

                                      The others continue their cover-ups without consequence.

****President Obama's Office said he's too busy to meet with me to view my evidence about the corrupt officials and    the
terrorist information that disappeared from the FBI.     If President Obama would have bothered to give me an appointment,
he would have known he was appointing some people to high positions that had full knowledge of the illegalities and closed
their eyes to it.  The officials that are a huge part of the problem, he put in positions of ultimate power.    Such a conscience
decision will ultimately be detrimental to the welfare of us all.

I find it appalling that Actor George Clooney can get an appointment with the President to speak about another Country,
when I can't get one to speak about important issues about our own.  (Don't get me wrong, I love George as everyone does,
but quite honestly, United States issues should take preference over other countries problems.   Obama even gave a  young
school boy an appointment to talk about hamburgers and basketball which he thought to be more important than to view
evidence of corruption and terrorist info disappearing while in the hands of the FBI.   When America starts putting it's own
people first, stops cutting our budgets to give billions to other countries, and starts holding our officials accountable, then
maybe The United States will re-establish being the Great Nation it once was.

For a citizen of this Country to be treated so Unconstitutionally, branded a liar when all the evidence proves otherwise, and
be ruined financially and credit wise for speaking out against  the blatant illegalities of Public Officials, is inconceivable.  

The crooks are running rampant in our Gov. and we are paying them very well to do so.  Only when we ban together and hold
them accountable with prosecution, confiscation of their pensions, and personal gains while cheating the American People,
will we see some kind of "Honest Gov."  They have a great racket going at our expense.   They deprived all of us with their
budget cuts...but they still have their jobs, homes, benefits, expense accounts, and gym...don't they.
Nancy Packes' illegalities

Nancy Packes and the NY Department of Labor are using the United States Treasury for FRAUDULENT purposes.   They are
trying to collect money outright lying to the US Treasury Dept.   I have requested a Federal Investigation.  Nancy Packes and every
Official that covered up for her belongs Federal Prison.  12/9/11

7/26/12  The Dept. of Treasury was given 9 pgs of absolute proof the DOL was lying with a request for an appt. to show them
more, and employee Jeff Schremeck "Doubts it's happening." without even viewing the evidence. He refused  to tell me the
name of the person from the Dept. of Labor who "Certified" the Bogus information given to the Treasury Dept.. was true, thereby
making himself an accomplice to these crimes.  AG Eric Holder forwarded my info to the FBI a month ago in June and they
refuse to return the 5 messages I left for them.   I'm wondering why we're paying them when they are clearly working for the other
So who is Nancy Packes besides a CRiMMINAL PERJURER who thinks the laws don't apply to her and who has the majority of
so called, "Officials" in her pocket covering up her crimes...making themselves accessories in the process.   She's gotten away
for a lot of years...but it's all going to come out as one of her lacky's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is under investigation now...although
he's under investigation by another of Nancy Packes' lacky's U. S. Attorney Preet Bharara who covered up for Cuomo previously.