THE DAIRY CRISIS :    The Dept. of Agriculture is intentionally withholding $240 MILLION Dollars that is
already allocated for American Farmers.  Their reasoning for the holdup is just as appalling as their
deliberate set pricing of Farm products, well BELOW what it costs the Framers to produce them.   

Everyone should thank the American Farmer as they are mortgaging their homes and heavily in debt for
putting milk and dairy products on our tables.  Would you pay money out of your pocket to work 12-16 hours
a day only to receive a check that doesn't even cover the expense of what it cost you to do your work?

Some of The Agriculture Depts. reasons for holding up payments to the Farmers are: they need to write
programs and
 they need to train people to disperse the money.  Did you ever hear of anything so stupid?

Officials in charge of pricing and dispersement can't comprehend the obvious facts of:  if you pay people less
for their products than what it costs the people to produce them they are not only going to go out of
business, they are going to be heavily in debt, and when they intentionally throw the people into debt, if they
hold on to already allocated money long enough, there will be no recovery from debt when the money is
despersed.  Click on the link below to watch the youtube video.  You can see from the video, the money has
been available for months and still not released as of this posting.  12/17/09.  The Government didn't  take
this long to disperse Billions to the financial institutions, who intentionally threw our Country into financial
devastation, only to reward their CEO's with million dollar bonuses for doing so.  Do you think this process
would take as long if The Secretary of Agriculture,
Tom Vilsack and his employees weren't paid until all the
money was dispersed to our Farmers?   It's beyond the time to start putting Officials in the Publics' shoes, to
give them insight to the repercussions of power out of control.  Only then, will they serve in office
responsibly.  View the 2009 youtube video.
UPDATE:  You have to hand it to the Dept. of Agriculture.  They intentionally put the farmers in hundreds of
thousands of dollars in debt and now they want to pat themselves on the back for giving the farmers a couple of
thousand dollars each.  One farmer I know got under $2000.   They call that a bailout?  The questions are, how
much did the dispersers get and where's the rest of the $140 MILLION plus the interest?  This doesn't even
begin to put a dent in the debt the Gov. intentionally put our farmers in.  How are they going to get seed to plant
for the new season if they haven't even paid for the seed for last season?  Get ready comes
increased fruit, vegetable, wheat, and milk prices and... more devastation.
Finally, there is an end in sight  to "The Rubber Room" Saga."  That's where we, the taxpayers, paid full
salaries for Teachers NOT to teach, and then more money to hire other teachers to teach the same students.
The original teachers were made to report daily to a building to do nothing because they were "accused of
unfounded allegations."   There they sat day after day, month after month, denied due process, the
allegations against them unproven.... yet the stigma of the allegations remain.   Klein needs to be removed
from his job without pay, without pension, and made to repay the taxpayers for the years of extra expense.    
All of the other Officials that went along with this insane additional taxpayer burden need to be held
GOV. PATERSON'S RAISES FOR HIS STAFF:  Oh how this scenario reeks of puppeteering by his Political
Colleagues!  Not even Paterson is that stupid to give his staff a raise after cutting a days work and pay to the
rest of the State Workers in order to save money.   Eventhough they are holding the threat of perjury over his
head, the best thing he could do is be honest with the Public and spill the beans on
Albany and the rest of
Government.  They are going to bury him anyway...he might as well take them with him.
ANDREW CUOMO threw his hat in the ring for Governor of NY.   He claims he wants to clean up Albany so
why doesn't he start with his own office.   I'm wondering why, and you should too, it's not a requirement for
Cuomo's employees in his Integrity Unit.... to have some Integrity.   
Andrew Cuomo is covering up ONE OF
 Top Officials are
involved and he is  Top Officials are involved and he is protecting them.   He and his buddy former Judge
Judith Kaye
OFFICIAL CORRUPTION IN U. S. HISTORY. perjury over baseball tickets and they, in collusion,
obstructed justice and more when they REFUSED to protecting them.   He and his prosecute
Nancy Packes
(formerly of Feathered Nest) of Brown Harris Stevens,
of 18 counts of perjury, lying in writing to hinder
a state investigation and more.   Is this the type of person we want as our next Governor?  A person who
condones a former AG staff attorney being promoted to Commissioner of Labor, to cover the  illegalities of
herself and predecessor, Linda Angello,  after overseeing a case where all the incriminating witness testimony
was tampered with and disappeared.    Cuomo is hiding alot of secrets from the public.  This is the type of
Political Office
Andrew Cuomo runs.  If he's covering up political crimes now, just think of what he's capable
of doing when he has more power as
GENERAL STANLEY McCHRYSTAL should not resign.  Afterall, doesn't OBAMA know we have FREEDOM OF
in this Country?  It's about time someone on the inside tells it like it is.  We have these brave men and
woman dying in other countries to protect our rights and freedom, and our own Government is sabotaging us.
UPDATE:  General McChrystal was forced to resign for not being "politically correct"  by exercising
his First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech and telling "The People" the REAL info on the war
and Government.    America lost a leader of integrity that day, to the detriment of us all.
9/11/10 ~  It is the 9th Anniversary of the Attack on the World Trade Center.  This year, I finally got to
show the U.S. Attorney's Office of Phreet Bararah info on Official Corruption including the FBI loosing
Terrorist info.  One of the investigator's knew the head of the FBI who "lost" the info.  They sent me a general
letter stating they represent certain offices but refused to tell me who. They also refuse to tell me who's job it
is to take this info to if it's not theirs.   Several letters and phone calls for the info requested went ignored.  
Can you  believe the pompous asses really thought I should be impressed with the 90 minutes of paid time
they gave me to listen to what I had to say while they were fiddling with their cell phones, and thought nothing
of the 9 YEARS UNPAID time and hell I've been through because of Officials like them who cover up the
crimes of their crooked cronies.  If it's not their job, they certainly know who's job it is, but refuse to give that
Non-Citizen I worked with who recognized the 3 Terrorists before 9/11 has still not been investigated and the
crooked officials still collect a paycheck, benefits, and some pensions for their illegalities.  
Bloomberg, Governor Paterson,
and Andrew Cuomo are just a few of the Officials who continue to
cover-up major official corruption and terrorist info that disappeared after being hand delivered to the FBI.
UPDATE:  In Feb. 2010, M. Patricia Smith was promoted from Commissioner of Labor to Solicitor General
~ A Federal position for her cover-up and role in pursuing money for the DOL and Nancy Packes, while
she had info before her with a request for an appointment to view more about the evidence tampering,
perjury, lying in writing to the Dept of State to hinder the investigation and more by Nancy Packes,
Commissioner Linda Angello who she replaced and others.
Carl Paladino  had a gathering in Lake George and appropriately named Fred DICKer from the NY Post
showed up to cause a confrontation.  Of course the conflict was captured, and broadcast along with Cuomo
paid commercials trying to discredit Paladino.  If ever a situation reeked of a set up, this is one.   Only it
backfired.  You see, there is not one decent man in the world who wouldn't protect  his young daughter from
strange men that were chasing and frightening her.  What would you do?  

Way to go Carl!  Finally someone who stands up to the Good O'l Boys!  Just what NY needs.  See you in Nov.

Years ago I contacted DICKer and wanted to show him my evidence of corruption.  I found him to be AN
ARROGANT man...and that's putting it mildly.   He didn't believe what I was telling him, said he was right in
Albany and he didn't hear anything bout it, and that he would know if something was going on.  That he gets
paid a lot of money to dig up dirt on important people.  When I asked him for an appointment to show him my
evidence, he told me to come on up. ~ A 2-4 hour trip depending on where I was leaving from.  When I asked
him what day, he said to just come up any day and IF... he was in, MAYBE... he would see me.  Can you
imagine a person so full of himself?  

I also contacted John Caher from the Times Union Newspaper in Albany.  He wasn't interested in my
evidence proving the truth but perpetuated the lies from the Court, when he wrote an uninformed, one sided,
story about it for a Law Journal anyway.   

When you have well known reporters with a large reader audience who depend on the reporters to provide
them with correct information, yet they intentionally choose not to seek the truth, it is detrimental to the
profession of journalism.
VERIZON ~  10/4/10 Verizon was finally caught for the scammers they are.  They are made to repay
customers for the money they illegally stole from them under the guise of faulty equipment.  Make no
mistake!  They know and they ripped off the public intentionally....they've been doing it for years.  Check
your landlines too.   In my experience, they refused to honor the contract they locked me into for a year with
Direct TV.  After one month raise my rates considerably, and when I cancelled at the end of my contract,
they tried to charge me for an extra larger bill at the end eventhough I paid one month ahead in the
beginning, and they didn't pay Direct TV on my behalf like they were supposed to so Direct TV sent me to
collection for non payment because Verizon kept the money and didn't forward it on to them.  Several
months of letters and phone battles proved what I was saying was correct.  VERIZON IS SCAMMING THE
Chief Executive Officer.   They make you pay 1 month upfront so DO NOT PAY THEM for the month you
are cancelling your contract with them.  Everyone should boycott Verizon and put them out of business.   
Ivan Seidenberg should be made to personally pay back all the money he stole and then be put in jail.  
According to Wikipedia, while CEO of Verizon in 2009, Seidenberg earned a total compensation of
$17,012,407, which included a base salary of $2,100,000, a cash bonus of $2,953,125, stocks granted of
$11,079,000, no options granted, and other compensation of $880,282.[5]r   
The US Government is threatening to shut down because they can't get their way.  If the Government shuts
down, the irresponsible bums shouldn't be allowed back in.  It's that simple.    The People should fire them and
confiscate their pensons/benefits to put in a healthcare fund for The People.
OSOMA BIN-LADEN ~  5/2/11  The News is abuzz BIN-LADEN is dead.  Great job SEALS.  You're the
best.   However, the timing of miraculously finding him just before the WTC's 10th Anniversary and just after
Obama released his birth certificate while trashing
TRUMP, makes one wonder.... is something else also
going on here?  What about all the money we gave to Pakistan while many of our own Citizens are homeless,
jobless, foodless, and without health insurance.  Plain and simple...WE NEED OUR MONEY BACK!   While our
own Citizens were in need, our Government was in reality,
funding the terrorists.
GOVENOR CUOMO LIED ~ when he said in his campaign speech that he wanted The Public's help in
stopping Official Corruption and "if you break the law you go to jail speech."  After waiting two months for an
appointment to show him my evidence, I faxed him a recent update of his newly appointed Inspector General
Ellen Bibben and Mr. Foglia refusing to do the job they were hired to do and stealing some of my evidence.  
Cuomo's reply through his Director of Scheduling Matthew Nelson, was to deny me an appointment and
send me back to the same Inspector General who I just informed him stole my evidence and I requested an
investigation into.  
Andrew Cuomo isn't cleaning up the corruption in NY ~ he's covering it up.    
CONGRESSMAN ANTHONY WEINER ~ didn't have to show us his weaner to prove he's a weaner ~ we
already knew that!  What I want to know is what's taking so long for our Gov. to throw the PERVERT out of
office without his pension and without a severance package?  Why are the taxpayers still paying his
salary?  Do we really want to pay him for teaching the children of America to cheat on their spouse, send
photos of their body parts  on the internet to the opposite sex including minors, and lie about it?  
Weiner is just another despicable, arrogant, Politician who is leading our Country down a path
of destruction.  6/11/11
Isn't it just like our Government to confuse a "distraction" (as they call Anthony Weiner) with the
"Exhibitionist"   that he really is. Why all the talk at the taxpayer's expense?  The photographic evidence
is right in front of the Governments' face and Sicko Weiner admitted it  Throw the bum out.  What's even
more amazing is that Weiner thinks he looks good in the pictures.  That explains his distorted views on
running his district.  Our Government is over run with perverts and crooks but when Anthony Weiner
exposed himself...he also exposed the exclusively lavish gym our Politicians reward themselves with at the
taxpayers expense.   That's what's really upsetting the Gov. applecart.  Speak up America.  Do you really
want this pervert a role model for your children, and can you really afford to give the Gov. yet another
perk at taxpayer expense?   6/15/11      Finally resigned 6/11
OBAMA said he's bringing some of our men and women home from the war.   They should have been
home long ago and many should have never been sent.  With his time frame, how many more will die or
be maimed before they get home?  This reeks of another "wag-the-dog" senario to divert Americas
attention away from the fact our Gov. paid Pakistan billions of dollars to harbor Bin Laden and kill our
soldiers.  Obama is also the one who refused to look at my evidence of corrupt officials and promoted
some of them to higher positions. 6/24/11
OUR OFFICIALS ARE THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA.  They are sabotaging our way of life to enhance
their own.  How are they continuously getting away with cutting all of "The Peoples" amenities and none
of their own.  Are their recreational gyms really necessary when our people are homeless, jobless, and
starving?  They all need to be thrown out of office, their pensions taken away, and prosecuted for living
high on the hog on the taxpayers dime. What kind of person in charge, let alone decent human being,
would rather have people living on the streets than utilizing the perfectly good empty houses they
cheated innocent hard working people seeking the American dream out of?  What decent human being
would give billions of dollars to other countries while their own people are in such dire straits as a direct
result of their own Government?  What decent human being causes so much turmoil and chaos and
then goes away on vacation leaving peoples lives in such devastation?  Until each and everyone of us
stands up and says we're not going to take this anymore, our Gov. will continue to commit genocide with
a smile.       8/6/11
THE QUINNIPIAC POLL on Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a one sided farce.  All the people who think he's
doing a good job take a look at the lawsuits against him for covering up Official Corruption.  It's a Gov.
joke that the crooks in Official Taxpayer Positions are policing themselves.  Gov. Cuomo is not cleaning
up Albany, he's covering up some of the largest cases of Official Corruption in U. S. History.   8/11/11
JOBS~  Since we are in such a devastating economic crisis, the State Dept. decided to give hundreds of
visas to Foreign Students to take away more employment from U.S. Citizens, by having them work in the
resorts and Hershey Chocolate Factory.  Above minimum wage wasn't good enough for them so they
protested by walking off their jobs at Hershey.  Obama, not to be outdone, is not going to deport illegal
aliens that are caught anymore, he's going to give them work permits and help them with the proper
paperwork to stay in the Country legally.  Our Officials are killing America and need to be removed from
office.  It is the Officials that need to be unemployed.  8/18/11
ATLANTIC EXPRESS TRANSPORTATION CORP. ~  refuses to use the designated turn around and turns
in the middle of the street putting cars and property at risk.  Was there a child on board when they
actually hit something? view video:
9/23/11   email us if you can't view the video.
FEMA is running out of money to help our flood victims.  Interesting how our Government never has
enough money to help our own Citizens but they always have plenty of money for their own luxuries,
illegal aliens, and other countries.   The Official who paid $16 for 1 muffin and charged it to the taxpayers
needs to be thrown out of his job with NO severance pay, no benefits, no unemployment etc.  He also
needs to repay the taxpayers.  This nonsense that we are paying for will continue until everyone bans
together to stop it.  Speak up America before our Government runs our Country into a financial mess we
will be UNABLE to recover from.  Isn't anyone else wondering how a tax evader got to be Sec. of the
THE WALL STREET PROTESTERS ROCK !  They understand that people pack power...a concept our
Government doesn't want you to know.   The more people that join them, the better life will be for "The
People."   Everyone needs to join them and take some kind of action.  If you can not physically be at a rally,
please click here to find out how to help.  It's really important.   We have to unite if we want a change for the
THE ALBANY TIMES UNION NEWSPAPER is now trying to attract more readership by crossing one of
their stories with my site.   Pretty nervy since that reporters colleague,
JOHN CAHER printed outright lies
about me in the
NY Law Journal and  He wasn't interested in viewing my clear cut  evidence
NANCY PACKES or the CORRUPT OFFICIALS that covered up her crimes.  An ethical
reporter/attorney would want to print the truth and check his facts, but the fact is, John Caher has been
using his position as a reporter for the Albany Times Union Newspaper for years, to not print the crimes of
many corrupt officials.  Now he's using a larger forum with the Law Journal/ to libel my name.
CAPITOL ONE BANK ~ is overcharging their customers on their credit cards saying they will credit it back
in a month or two to gain interest free money while they charge the consumer exhorbinate fees which is
illegal.  Please contact us with your story.  1/2/11
HILLARY CLINTON ~ wants the Soldiers who took a leak on the enemy that tried to kill them held
accountable for their actions but allowed the FBI to get away with "loosing" terrorist info in their
possession, and Gov. State and City Officials get away with Evidence Tampering, Obstruction of
Justiice, falsifing Official Documents, and breaking City, State, Gov. and Constitutional Laws to cover up
their crimes.  That makes Hillary an accomplice.  1/13/12
LAWSUIT AGAINST NY STATE ~ 2/9/12  It took from Dec. 20, 2011 when Judge Judith Hard signed her
decision, to Feb. 1, 2012 to be mailed out ~ just enough time for Inspector General Ellen Biben who
was named in the suit, to  get promoted for her silence in covering up major corruption in NYS with the
help of her buddy Gov. Andrew Cuomo... who was also named in the suit.  Cuomo thinks it's acceptable
to cover up crimes in the Offices he oversees and Judge Hard agrees. The reason for the suit was
Cuomo's solution to Ellen Biben refusing to do her job and stealing evidence was to send the party that
requested an investigation into her office, back to Biben which is a direct slap in every NYers face.   
Judge Hard ignored that and  steered her decision in another direction to what she wanted the public to
view on the record. Cuomo's letter to send the party back to Biben is proof of his defrauding NYer's of
honest Government.  Judge Hard also ignored clear cut evidence of cover ups of Officials committing
crimes, Evidence Tampering, Obstruction of Justice, denal of rights and more.  She had a copy of a
transcript saying all the witness testimony (4) hearing tapes were inaudible...yet the person who's
innocence it proved was found guilty. What blatant disregard for the law!  Now Biben is overseeing all
the criminals in official positions. Cuomo also happens to appoint the Ct. of Claims Judges.  Hmmm,
does anyone else see any conflicts of interest here???  Of course, they couldn't get away with all that
they do if it weren't for the media protecting them by refusing to expose them.  The claim was brought
about because Cuomo not only refused to view clear cut evidence of corruption in Ellen Biben's office,
and refused an investigation into her office, but that he had the gall to mockingly send the complaining
party back to Biben's office after they had just been there and requested he investigate.  The Officials
used their positions in public offices to cover up crimes.  It never ceases to amaze me who jumps on the
bandwagon of one of the largest cases of Official Corruption in U. S. History.  Are there any NYS or
Gov. Officials that are on the level???
The ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER of the U.S. Treasury, Jeff Schramek, has clear cut evidence NYS
Officials are using the Treasury Dept. for
FRAUDULENT purposes and doesn't care, making him an
accomplice to the crimes of Top Officials and Nancy Packes.
PROMOTING ELLEN BIBEN to oversee corrupt officials is like putting Al Capone in charge of Sing
This is a direct conflict of interest as is the Gov appointing Ct. of Claims Judges.  As a matter of
fact, eventhough Judge Hard signed her decision to protect Cuomo and Biben who were named in a Ct.
of Claims Lawsuit on Dec. 20,2011, it took until Feb. 1, 2012 to be entered in the clerks office and
mailed out....just enough time for Ellen Biben to sneak into her role of policing herself and buddies.  
While the "Watchdogs" are falsely reassuring The People though the media that Biben's  appointment
is good for NY, who's watching the "Watchdogs." ~ The media refuses all evidence proving Biben and
Cuomo's coverups and so did the "so called Watchdogs" that were approached to view the evidence.  
WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK JEFF NEELY !!!  ~  Short and simple ~ throw him in jail ~ freeze
his assets ~ sell them off to pay us our $800,000 plus dollars back.  We also need the salary
he made and benefits he collected while ripping us off.       
Taxpayers also have to be re-imbursed for the Columbian Hooker Scandal.
4TH OF JULY ~ Independence Day ~ Our "so called" patriotic Officials let terrorist info disappear
from the FBI without investigating and allow the use of the U.S. Treasury for fraud.
OBAMA ~  Just gave 850,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS the right to take away our jobs without consequence.  
Wonder if he would do the same if it were his job he just freely gave away? He treats them better than
his own Citizens.   Our people are homeless, jobless, and starving while he gives BILLONS of dollars in
aid to other countries.  Why are WE paying him when he's clearly working for THEM?
NYS COURT OF CLAIMS JUDGE JUDITH HARD continues to protect the corrupt officials of
NYS.   She could have made a real difference in this world with the position she was given
but  instead made a conscience choice not to.  Talk about a conflict of if she
would really convict her own boss of anything.  Yes...Cuomo has secured his not being
convicted as he hires the Ct. of Claim Judges and put Ellen Biben, his longtime crony in
charge of overseeing corruption matters as head of JCOPE.  ~  BUT They forgot one thing....
THE FBI ~ is an organization of arrogant  bastards who are under the misguided impression they don't
have to return Citizen's phone calls.or prosecute their corrupt friends in high public positions.   They do ~
If OBAMA, CUOMO, BLOOMBERG and other officials really cared about the families and victims
of 9/11, they would have been interested in the FBI "LOOSING" terrorist information that was
hand delivered to their office.  Instead, they refused to view it because it also contained the
names of corrupt officials and they wanted to cover up their buddies crimes, making Obama,
Cuomo, Bloomberg, and the other officals accomplices.  ~  Don't let them fool you.  They only
care about the power your money and vote gives them.  Demand they look into it.
Donald Trump's Announcement was suprising as he was offered  proof ~for free~ that Obama
didn't care the FBI lost terrorist info that was hand delivered to them or that top officials were
using their positions in public office to commit crimes.  Offer still stands Mr. Trump.

OBAMA IS A LIAR and CONSPIRATOR  who is promising Americans the Officials in the IRS scandal and
any other agency will be held accountable, while he condones the Dept. of Treasury ignoring clear cut
evidence of FRAUD and he, himself, promoted former NYS Commissioner of Labor Patricia Smith to a
Federal position of Solicitor General when she covered up crimes and is involved in one of the largest
cases of Official Corruption in U. S. History.  Obama refused to view the evidence or investigate.  5/15/13
CUOMO is running another ad patting himself on the back for the gun law and giving women including
his daughters the right to choose.  Meanwhile, he's a conspirator in one of the largest cases of Official
corruption in U.S. History.  FACT not allegation. ~ Another right of his daughters to know.
EDWARD SNOWDEN DID NOT betray our Country by exposing the NSA.  The Government
Officials betrayed our Country.   Senator Feinstien thinks he should be charged with treason
for telling the truth.  What then, Senator, should be done with all the Officials that LIED?  
How about ALL the OFFICIALS including YOURSELF that covered up blatant acts of
Unconstitutional behavior.   Didn't you all take an oath to uphold the Constitution?  I believe
that's perjury along with treason for you and the other Officials, amongst other crimes.  What
about the FBI who refused to investigate and then lost terrorist info?  Snowden should be
given a medal while you and the rest of the crooked Officials should be in jail...WithOUT pay,
or benefits.  No more resigning with pensions for committing crimes and cheating  the
Citizens. Jail terms, no pensions, no benefits, frozen assets, and all the salary Officials
collect while using their position in public office to commit crimes should be given back to
the Citizens.    6/13/13
GARCINIA CAMBOGIA FRAUD ALERT !!!!   Miracle Garcinia Cambogia lied about their mg.  They say it's 1000mg per
capsule on the phone but it's really per serving which is 2 capsules making their bottles less than 30 day supply
because you have to take more to get the affect of what a famous DR. recommended.  Their Brochure say all
natural veggie capsules and their bottle says gelatin.  They refuse to give refunds or they only give 1/2 of what you
pay.  Also watch out for  
Speaker John Boehner says he's going to sue Obama claiming "He has not faithfully executed the
Law."  He mentions The Constitution and about "responsibility" to stand up for the "Institution" he
serves.  Law?  Constitution?  Responsibility?  In politics? Ha! and the rest of your
Conspirators don't have a clue as to what those words mean.  ~  With all those billions of dollars going
to aid other countries, couldn't we have spared a couple of bucks for a dictionary for you and the
gang?  6/27/14
Edward Snowden don't come home until you have full immunity in writing and OBAMA publicly
announces it to the American People.  In the meantime...tell us more ~ we are interested ~ we care.
DOL Judge Beverly Diego ~ Anyone else denied evidence, witnesses, or had their testimony or
evidence "disappear?"  If you've had this Judge and been treated unfairly, unlawfully, or
unconstitutionally let's hear about it.  She needs to be removed from being a Judge and put in jail...but
then again a lot of people need to be removed from their high ranking Official Offices for
covering up
and committing crimes for NYC REALTOR NANCY PACKES and be put in jail.   
Don't forget to
check out the EVIDENCE pg. and hear Nancy Packes in her own words committing perjury.
NYC Mayor Bill DE Blasio just gave ID cards to all the "Undocumented Residents" of the City.  News
Flash DeBlasio...politically correct or not...the bottom line is they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and THE
CITIZENS you work for...remember us? ~ are tired of paying for them.  Oh by the way...2 letters to you
and 2 ~ 311 calls to you went unanswered.  I was told you would respond within 14 days.  Just because
you are ignoring the fact some of your employees, under your supervision, committed crimes, which
makes you an accomplice, doesn't mean it isn't true.  Cuomo can't protect you forever as he is a
criminal himself and will eventually prosecuted for his illegalities.   
Obama wants billions of dollars to take care of the illegals that crossed our borders.  Well instead of
collecting it from our Country...why don't you send them back to their own countries C.O.D.  The
taxpayers are tired of always footing the bills for the Gov. outrageous spending.
NO WONDER WE WERE BOMBED!   2 flags changed in the middle of the night on one of the most famous bridges in
the world and the "Officials think it's an "Art Project."   Are they kidding????  I guess as always, we have to inform them
of what's really going was done because they could do it....get it now????  Probably not.  Let me put it another
way.  While you Officials were busy wasting our tax dollars on your lavish lifestyles...there was no one monitoring the
security system.   You screwed up again at the taxpayers expense.   You didn't do your job but you're still getting paid
aren't you?
OBAMA took the time to have lunch with 4 people who wrote him letters from Kansas to discuss every
day issues in their lives, but had no time for an appointment to discuss hand delivered Terrorist Info
that was "LOST" while in the hands of the FBI.  He also wants to give the people who crossed the
borders illegally, working papers. News flash Mr.'re SUPPOSED to be on the
NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio is insulted that Cuomo challenger Rob Astorino compaired Cuomo's
interference with the Moreland Commission to that of a Mafia Boss.  Truth hurts doesn't it
Billy Boy!   Too bad he didn't call you out for the ACCOMPLICE YOU ARE for covering up One
of the   Largest cases of Official Corruption in U S History.  4 correspondence to you and
not one reply.  I'd say it to your face but your too busy hiding like Cuomo.
UPDATE:  Ellen Biben is another OFFICIAL CRIMINAL who was permitted to resign instead
of being put in jail.  This time it was the "Wathdog" that got caught up in her illegalities and
I guess he changed his mind about how wonderful she was for NY.  Something about an
actively used bank account that should have been closed when the office was dispanded
Nobody has been held accountable.  Where is all the money?????  That's Cuomo's
While US Esq. Preet Bharara is suposedly investigating Cuomo~ Who's investigating
Bharara for being an accomplice to Cuomo's and other Officials Crimes?
WAG~THE~DOG !  Cuomo's going to Israel to stick his nose where it doesn't belong to try
to get us to forget about all of his CRIMES in NY.   Is he going to use that illegal bank
account that was supposed to be closed to hide out and not come home to avoid
prosecution???   If he's under investigation by the U. S. Attorney's Office...How come his
Passport wasn't revolked???  Is it because his accomplice is the U.S. Attorney???
Don't miss what scary thing is lurking around Albany.  Ck it out and pass it on.