HEALTH CARE:  The Officials made sure that no matter how devastating the financial crisis is in
this Country, they receive full medical coverage.  Can you really afford to pay for theirs when
you can't afford to pay for your own?  The only way the taxpayers are going to get their fair
share of medical coverage is when the Officials Coverage is taken away.  Contact your local
representative, your Governor, and President Obama with this short simple message.

We, the taxpayers, want our tax dollars to pay for OUR OWN health benefits ~ NOT
yours!                    We want you to forfeit your benefits until every taxpayer is medically covered.
THE MTA:  The MTA is jumping on the "Bailout Bandwagon."  All of a sudden, they are broke!  
Where do you suppose all the money that was pre-paid to them with mandatory metro cards
went when they shortchanged the passengers out of rides?
 Keep track of your payments and
rides. When you have to swipe your metro card more than once, sometimes it costs you double.
THE MORTGAGE CRISIS:  You didn't need to be a fortune teller to figure out that when you
raised the rates on people who were already just making ends meet to make a payment, there
would be serious repercussions.  
 The Simple Solution is to force the greedy bankers to keep
the rates the same.   This situation occurred because of the need to fill quotas not qualifications.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY:  When you lower the standards for "Equal Opportunity" the result is
NOT equality, it's incompetence...and ALL of humanity suffers.  If the Government wanted
everything equal, they wouldn't put names on applications that could tell the race of an
individual, they would use numbers.  They would provide free educational workshops to give
EVERYONE the opportunity to qualify for particular employment instead of filling quotas with
people who are not qualified.  If America can print up money to provide million dollar bonuses to
executives who help run their company and this economy into the ground, they can certainly
provide free educational training to it's law abiding citizens.

THE BAILOUTS:  If the companies claim they lost in the world are they "supposedly legally obligated" to
pay performance bonuses?   Who ever heard of, the worse you do, the more you are entitled to?  Although,outrageous,
is it entirely their fault?  They are only following in the footsteps of our elected Officials who make their own rules, to
suite their own needs.  How many elected Officials have already been caught cheating and stealing from the American
People, only to resign from Office with a full pension and no consequence?  Worse many haven't been
caught and are still cheating us?   Even worse than that?????   What about the people who have been caught and are
still in High Political Offices?  A great example is evading taxes and becoming the head of the U. S. Treasury.

Budget Cuts:  Lets get real....we all drive or take public transportation to work.  It's time the Officials did the
same instead of charging the public for their limos, drivers, and gas.  Why are we giving them expense
accounts while we have to brown bag our own lunch?   Want to save some big money?  Remove the Cable
TV and gyms from the prisons.  Tell our Officials it's time to stop pampering the prisoners and punishing
The People.  Call/write/e-mail your representative and demand the budget is cut where it is long overdue.
NY MAYOR Mike Bloomberg~   I always liked Mayor Bloomberg and felt he was good for the City.  A man who only took a $1 salary and had
so much money and power of his own, wouldn't need to "play the political game", or indulge in "special interests."  I thought he would be a
man true to his speeches of putting The People first, but I just can't make anymore excuses for him or give him the benefit of the doubt
anymore.  Years ago, I thought it was his staff who refused to give him the information about Terrorists and the Official cover-ups  in the
City and State.  Certainly a man in power who claimed to love NY would want to rid it of corruption.  He even stated at one point he was
cracking down on the legal community that was not doing things.... so legally.  Why do you suppose then, he totally ignored me when I
personally hand delivered a card with my contact info requesting only 1/2 an hour of his time, to prove the Corruption of Top  Officials and
Terrorist Info that disappeared from the FBI?   I made several follow-up calls trying to get a hold of him and his staff just blew me off.   
Sadly, the reality is, even Mike Bloomberg made a conscience decision to be an accomplice to major cover-ups, inorder to be eligible to
play with the big boys in the self-serving Political Arena.  

UPDATE:  While Bloomberg and his staff continue to ignore my request for a 1/2 hour appointment, they have called me several times and
written me several times to volunteer my time for his campaign.   Can you imagine the gall?   It's a disappointing realization to find out that
Mike Bloomberg is no better than his Political Cronies.
MTA  UPDATE:  The news reported that Elliot Sanders, head of the MTA was forced to resign.  We should all be so
lucky as to cause such a public mess, resign instead of being fired, and collect a severance package of that size.   Are
you an accomplice to the bilking of New Yorkers, or just out of your mind
Governor Paterson?
THE ALBANY COUP:  Imagine the Democrats suggesting the Republicans did something illegal!  It's about time they got a taste of
their own medicine.  Rumor has it that "one important but low lying political figure" was behind the ingenious plan.  Hey "important,
low lying, political figure, can you do the same thing to the Republicans?   It's no secret Albany is filled with corrupt officials.  
They've been "stealing" taxpayer money for their luxuries for years. Only, they don't call it stealing when they do it.  It's called
"business expense".  They have limos, hotels, fancy dinners, drinks, other meals, and surprise surprise... Schumer thought it was
necessary to take a private plane from Albany to NYC at a rate of over $3,000 instead of a commercial one for under $300.  Where
was his limo/towncar and driver when he decided that one?   They should all be locked out of the Capitol, their pensions and
benefits taken from them, and they should be made to pay back the Citizens of NY for screwing us over all these years.  Our Gov.
needs a complete overhaul because the "Good Ol Boys" need to be removed from the taxpayer fairyland they've created for
themselves while WE, THE PEOPLE, are struggling to survive.   I know I never voted to give them all these luxuries, salaries or
benefits....Did you?   Take 5 min. out of your busy day and make your voice heard.  Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or fax
(202) 456-2461.  Tell  Pres. Obama we need an independent investigation into the abuse of taxpayer money.

Hey Gov. Paterson!  Do you get what I've been trying to tell you since you came into office?  They are making a fool out of you
because they are making room for the person they've always wanted in your job.  Some of you're own employees are at the center
of your demise.   We'll save you a space on the unemployment line.
HILLARY CLINTON'S ELBOW SURGERY :   Isn't Hillary  lucky that she has FREE healthcare paid by the Taxpayers of
NY?  Maybe it's time to drop her a line or phone call and ask her where OUR health benefits are!

Main address:
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Main Switchboard:
TTY:1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay Service
THE NEW JERSEY OFFICIAL CORRUPTION SCANDAL :   Finally someone had the guts to corral the public officials
in NJ.  It's about time!   Don't you think it's also about time to do the same in NY?   Officials in NY are just as bad...if not
more so and they always get away.  Of course, if anyone on the level would investigate my evidence, there would be
an abundance of job openings in the Dept. of State, Dept. of Labor, FBI, CIA
and Justice Dept. ~  Not to mention, the
  They all...including President Obama, promote the criminals for their roles and silence in the cover-ups.  

THE SCHOOL BOY WHO INTERVIEWED OBAMA AND BIDEN:    It's great this boy got an interview with the President
and I'm not trying to take anything away from him.  He did good and is a great journalist.  My problem is with Obama
and Biden and yours should be too.  If they claim they are busy, how could they grant an interview to talk about
basketball and school lunches and not one to examine clear cut evidence of Official Cover-ups and Terrorist
information that disappeared after being hand delivered to the FBI???   For your own safety and the safety of this
Country, you are entitled to know ask the question.
HEALTH CARE REFORM UPDATE:  Obama wants to give the people health care so why should there be such a
problem?  Tell him we want the same exact coverage as him and the rest of the Politicians.  While you're at it, tell him
we want our Social Security Benefits to match the Politicians pension plan.  Afterall....WE are paying for it.
9/11 ~  It's been 8 years since the Terrorists took down the World Trade Center and the Governments mentality has
not changed.  They still do not want to know the contents or how the FBI "Lost" Terrorist Information that was hand
delivered to them along with the names of Corrupt Officials.  On
Brian Ross interviewed a man who claimed to have tracked Terrorist, Mohamad Atta, and then was told to back off by
the FBI.  It took 8 years for this info to come out.  To this day, no one will look into mine.  It's scarey to think, and
difficult for ones mind to comprehend...that just was our own Government that tore us apart that day and
continues to do so as we loose thousands of our men, women, and children to a war with no end in sight.  Don't you
think our troops deserve more?  Don' t you think while they are giving their lives for us, we should be finding out the
truth for them?  Don't remain silent ~ You deserve to know WHY no Official in the City, State, or Government. wants
See Current Crisis 2 for 9/11/10 info.
OBAMA  inexcusably oversteped his bounds when he asked NY Governor Paterson not to run in the election.  He
praised NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo stating he's doing a great job enforcing the laws that need to be
enforced.  One thing is certain...even for those who want to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, there is no excuse
in the world to make such an untrue statment that will come back to question his own reputation, when several letters
and phone calls to him about the Corruption of Top Officials were brushed off by him.  He had time to give a school
boy an interview, his community an open house, but 1/2 hour to someone who would prove to him outright Political
Corruption and terriorist info that disappeared from the FBI that Andrew Cuomo and others are covering up, Obama
doesn't want to know about.   Open your eyes ~ although many of us don't want to see comes the
red flag!
GOVERNOR PATERSON ~  Stood up to his colleagues and demanded they actually work for their pay and
make responsible decisions affecting New Yorkers.  The Politicians were appalled at the thought of
having to work for their pay.  They've been sliding by all these years, why ruin the good racket they had
going while bilking NYers?  Since he refused to step down, it was time to step up the dirt. Gov.Paterson
is now facing some serious charges and being investigated by none other than his Gov. opponent
Andrew Cuomo.  Well if Paterson has to go...why is Cuomo allowed to stay?  Cuomo is covering up ALOT
MORE than Paterson.  So are Cuomo's buddies....and he has a lot of them.  To have Cuomo investigate
Paterson is a huge conflict of interest.  As if he would ever find him innocent when they're running for
the same office!   Come on media...why don't  you try reporting the WHOLE TRUTH for once.   
GOVERNOR PATERSON ~ Finally people are starting to speak up about the huge conflict of interest with
Cuomo investigating his now "former opponent." It was a big mistake to withdraw from the race as now
it's not so much of a conflict of interest as it is a vendetta. was a conflict when it first began so
it should not be overlooked.   Paterson shouldn't buckle to Cuomo, as Cuomo's covering up more than
he says Paterson is.  I think a couple of questions need to be asked about the qualifications of Cuomos
Public Integrity Unit.   First, how come it isn't a requirement to have some Integrity if you are a part of
the Unit, and second, how come it's a crime for Gov. Paterson to commit perjury but it's not a crime for
Nancy Packes (Real Estate Broker/Attorney) who was former Pres. of Feathered Nest Inc. and of Brown
Harris Stevens(Major Real Estate Agencies)  who also happens to be affiliated with Christies of NY, to
commit at least
8 counts of perjury, lie in writing to the Dept. of State to hinder a State investigation,
break laws and rules of both her professions, and of NYS and more and get away with it?   Could part of
the reason be, that the Now Commissioner of the Dept. of Labor is the same Smith that was involved in
the Nancy Packes Cover-Ups while in Spitzers Office????